As a Leader, you should know this

As a Leader, you should know this
As a Leader, you should know this

Many successful young managers, who were once brilliant Individual Contributors, are not able to replicate their success stories as team leaders or managers. As a leader, you should know how to work on this.

Managing your own work and excelling at it is easier than managing a team, keeping them motivated, and getting them to excel at their job.

It’s a game that many do not know how to play.

Young organizations or startups often find themselves with a young set of managers who man have the competence to deliver on results but often lack the skill, tact, and emotional maturity required to lead people.

The heavy responsibility of leading someone else’s career and balancing it with organizational goals is a challenge.

Transitioning from an Individual Contributor to a Team Leader can be difficult since your personal working style might differ from that of your direct reports, which can lead to potential conflicts.

Let’s look at the most common reason for the failure in the transition from Individual Contributor to Team Leader and some fundamental.

Lack of Self-awareness

Most young managers are unaware that transition from an individual player to a team leader requires a major shift in mindset and a new approach to functioning.

By the time young managers wake-up to this fact, much water has flowed under the bridge, leaving little scope to undo the damages.

To assist in the transition from `unaware’ to `aware’, many organizations have a first-time managers program to train and educate young managers on the necessary skills to successfully lead teams.

In the absence of formal process, all one must do is to go out and seek feedback, reflect upon it, and then act on it.

Inability to develop others

To be effective, managers must learn to understand others, aspirations and nurture others capabilities. For instance, this could include knowing how and when to delegate tasks, how to lead a group of diverse individuals with varying strengths and abilities, and how to achieve the desired result without stretching themselves.

The inability of a leader to do so is the single biggest contributor to failed leadership in any organization today.

Developing the ability to coach others has been the biggest requirement of any leadership role. If your organization doesn’t provide formal workshops on coaching skills, there are plenty of online coaching resources.

What really matters when it comes to leadership is how you best support your team.

Being self-aware and learning how to coach your direct reports are major skills that can go a long way in honing your other leadership competencies like conflict management, communication skills, delegation and problem solving-solving etc.

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