Offering Mix for Digital

An offering mix on the digital platform differs from its traditional form primarily in the way it develops and integrates the tangible or services aspects to it. The five states of an offering mix, which starts with a pure tangible product with no service elements and ends as being a pure service with no product … Read more Offering Mix for Digital

Digital Marketing Implementation Strategy

Once a firm has developed for Digital Marketing strategy, next it should implement strategy for chosen customer segments and marketing mix to chart the strategy for firm’s digital growth. The detailed stages are as follows: Digital Scoping: This stage includes firms which are purely traditional and have no presence at all on any digital channels. … Read more Digital Marketing Implementation Strategy

ASCOR: Digital Marketing Framework

To help large and SMB firms, as well as individual marketers, there is a methodical phase-wise plan, called `ASCOR’ Digital marketing framework. Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap starting at $3.98/year For any type of company to move into digital marketing, be it a traditional firm with more physical products and services mix or one … Read more ASCOR: Digital Marketing Framework

Media planning in Digital Marketing

Media planning by definition is the task of allocating promotional budgets to multiple media channels/platforms to communicate a product’s presence, differentiation and values. Traditionally for marketers, this has been crucial exercise and mostly conducted in collaboration with an agency which works on behalf of the company and gets a commission for handling all media buying, … Read more Media planning in Digital Marketing

Use your In-source Team to Create Content

Always try to use your In-source team to create content for your marketing promotions. One of the most common ways, many organizations do content marketing by engaging some type of Digital Marketing agency that produces their content for them. Although this concept of “Outsourcing” your company’s content production is by no means a bad thing, … Read more Use your In-source Team to Create Content

Attract your customers using “Social Media Proof”

How to attract your online visitors into your customers using contents as social media proof Now a days Social Media Proof is a great way to make your online visitors as your customers. Your conversion can be anything like purchasing a product or services, downloading a file, signup or subscription for any newsletter. So, how … Read more Attract your customers using “Social Media Proof”