Brand awareness in Digital Marketing

Brand awareness in Digital Marketing

Creating a brand is an easy job, but making it popular is a tough one. Brand awareness is about increasing exposure, So that more and more people know your brand, are familiar with what it does and can recall it, recommend it or think about it later on in their time of need.

Anyway it won’t give you a return on your financial investment right away, but more often than not, that brand awareness will benefit your brand down the line, turning into a lead, a sale or a referral that puts cold, hard cash in your pockets.

Is Your Digital Marketing Campaign Raising Awareness?

Beyond the fact that consumers spend an extraordinary amount of time with digital devices, they’re also using them at an unprecedented rate to engage with brands they support.

In the days before digital, a brand that wanted to connect with prospects would put an ad in the paper or invest in a billboard advertisement. But these days, customers use digital media to actively seek out brands, and this has shifted the control from the brand to the consumer.

Check out these 6 important ways we use digital marketing to increase brand awareness online.

#1.Reach out to influencers:

In every industry, there are a handful of people who are really involved. They may have an active Twitter account, talking about industry news or issues, or they may run a blog or organization for professionals in your sector.

Now, start putting yourself into their conversations. Reply to their Tweets, tag them in important industry news updates on your Facebook page, or DM them a link to your latest blog post when it’s up. They might ignore it, sure, but they also might find it interesting and relevant. In which case, they’ll share it with their group, and you’ll have hundreds of more eyes on your brand.

#2.Use your social networks wisely:

Really think about what you’re posting and where you’re posting it. For super professional and industry-related things, use your LinkedIn. For things that would interest your customers or their friends, use Facebook. For news and current happenings, use Twitter. The more you tailor your posts to these platforms, the better traction you’ll get, and the more brand awareness that will come of it.

#3.Promote your posts:

There are tons of free ways to increase company awareness on the web, but that doesn’t mean you should only stick to those. In fact, paid efforts can actually give your efforts a huge boost. You can choose what gender, age group, geographic area and even interests that your audience has, and that can mean much more qualified eyes are seeing your post.

#4.Build out email lists:

Email lists should be a part of every digital marketing effort you’re making. You should have one for your blog, for potential leads who contact your or visit your site, for past customers, for current customers, and every group you can think of. Then, you can use those lists to send out targeted emails from time to time – ones that include information that’s useful, relevant or even needed by your audience.

#5.Tag some people:

Anytime you have the opportunity, tag another brand or person in your social media posts. This will not only give them a little recognition (which they’ll love), but it will also alert them of your post, and encourage them to share it with their own followers – an automatic exposure to new and probably qualified customers.

#6.Optimize everything:

Every page, every post and every link on your site (and your social media pages) is an opportunity to be seen and noticed by web users. They help with SEO, and they have the power to improve or hinder your search engine rankings.

Brand awareness will also help you provide a better customer experience, facilitate meaningful interactions, ensure your marketing messages are highly targeted and help you stay flexible in an ever-changing digital world.

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