Customer Avatar: Understanding your Audience

Customer Avatar: Understanding your Audience
Write your own Script for your Customer “Avatar”


It’s just wow, because there can be no words to describe how it all started and moving on. The way sir organizing this program and guiding everyone personally, it’s totally awesome, I congratulate and thank whole team for their efforts, and I feel proud of myself for becoming a part of this Internship.

How we all started

9.00pm, now it’s not just a time, it’s an inspiration where we can find ourselves. Like first session where it was focused more on our passion, dream, opportunities, effective communication and on selecting perfect niche, overall it gives an idea about how we can start our career.

It’s all about second session

Second session begins with much excitement, some feedback on our first assignment, some discussion, and it looks great when Deepak sir told about 87% completion rate of first assignment, but I feel sorry for those 13% students who are missing this wonderful opportunity and hope they’ll come back from this second session.

Focus on Your work

Distraction is the biggest enemy in any one’s life, there are million of things happening around the world, which dilutes our concentration from the work, it’s more harmful to the brain than drugs. It’s so true that FOCUS on your work is the only medicine which helps us to come out of this decease.

We just need to keep away from WhatsApp, FB, Instagram or anything which looks disturbing during our work time. This is one of the biggest input to everyone from Deepak sir. If you want to see yourself in the top ten list at the end of this internship, don’t get distract from anything just focus on this program.

It’s a Triangle, but you will find Gold everywhere

After “Finding the Gold” it’s time to get into “Golden Triangle”, Learn-Do-Teach. When we teach, we understand the things in a better way. Anyone can be a teacher, it doesn’t mean we need to be expert in this field, we can teach what we know, in return we can learn what we don’t know, and it’s never ending process, keep on learning, do your homework and go for teaching, again, again and again.

Learn from your Mistake

When we start with any work, the common thing which pulls us back is the mistake, sometimes you may lose your confidence. But the fact is mistakes are future benefits, the value of which is yet to be realized. This is the biggest lesson for everyone. Don’t stop your work just because of your mistake, because it may have some hidden benefits for your future, try one more time until you get the result.

AAP(ka) communication

Hey, I’m not talking about any politics here, AAP means Authentic-Attractive-Personalized communication. For any Marketing things it’s all about good conversations, we should learn to converse well at least with one person at one time, and it is going to be the gateway to give speech in front of thousands of audience.

Along with good conversation it’s also important to be authentic to communicate better. Now a days everyone tired of fake people with social personas. We need to keep it in mind that whether it’s positive or negative but should be authentic, people attract only to the someone who are real. just to please our followers, we should not create unrealistic or fake stories. Because today we may win but one or the other day it’s going to hit on our back.

Also conversation will be more effective if it is personalized. Like whenever I see Deepak sir mail, starts with Dear Shashira HP, it creates some trustworthiness, which makes me to get into that particular content.

Better life experience will make you Better marketer

People with more life experience are always better marketer, they basically trying to come up with a communication, where it is attractive to people. Attractive stories doesn’t mean some scripted or unrealistic message, it’s all about your life experience. Connecting your present position to the path you came across.

As we know, no one in this world climb the mountain without struggle, it’s always going to be a thorny way. Those struggles will give you more life experience and also makes you much stronger.

Whenever I gone through Deepak sir blog, in one or the other way he spokes about his life experience, and links those thoughts with his topics, it also helps me to understand some complex things in a better way. It also builds a relationship which is something beyond the business.

Learning new languages, meeting new people, places, doing new things, facing new challenges which always gives you best life experience.

Define your Audience

Defining your audience is the basic thing to begin your business, it’s understanding about both Demographic and Psychographic facts about your target audience.

If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience. We can say it’s the study of Micro character. We have to define our audience in a such a way that, our business objectives should be relevant to the potential consumers or buyers, and also we need to see whether it is adding any value to their life.

As I already mentioned, Communication with your audience will be more effective, if it personalized. In this case E-mail is more powerful than social media, here we can write one single customer at a time, even though we have a big audience, but everyone is alone with their device on the other side. It also builds a direct relationship between the first and the second person.

Our content should also drive the readers from headline to ending in a smooth flow, starts with the headline, then first sentence, after that second sentence and so on. Job of the first sentence is to get people to read second sentence and this process will continue till the conclusion part. If the reader skip your content in between then your purpose will not serve. So, our contents should design in such a way that, it must have that continuity from beginning to the end point.

Write your own Script for your Customer “Avatar”

“Avatar” it’s an universal terminology, basically it means a figure representing a particular person. Here, when I heard about “Customer Avatar” I can easily understand it’s knowing about my customer.

As we know, customer is the king of every business, if we understand them clearly half of our work will be done, it’s like getting complete picture about “What He/She is” once you get a clarity on this, then your work will be much easier.

To know your customer avatar, we need to go for survey, Deepak sir shared a generic template to create a google form to get the required data from our target customer and he also showed how it’s done.

My focus of survey is on Consumer Decision making process while purchasing Home appliances.

  • Mr. Mohan is a 47 year old professor, stays in Bangalore with his wife and a son, earns 55-60 lakhs per annum, own 3 BHK flat with 2 cars.
  • He likes to purchase any of his home appliances from offline store, because of better shopping experience, Live demo of products, direct interactions with the sales people.
  • He usually compare with online and offline prices before purchasing.
  • He used to keep 5-10% of his total income, for buying home appliances every year.
  • His recent purchase was LED TV.
  • From advertising point of view, ads in Digital Media has the biggest influence in his decision making.
  • He asks his son and one of his friend while concluding his decision on particular product.
  • Discount is the main factor while selecting any product, So he looks more like a price concern person.

So, it’s all about second session, Focus on your work, the Golden triangle, Customer avatar, Learning from our mistakes, Authentic-Attractive-Personalized communication to become a better marketer, Exposure towards new challenges to gain more life experience, in the end Defining your Target audience. Overall it’s a bundle of many topics which gives more insights on Digital Marketing.

Waiting for the third session with much excitement and until then I’m signing off from my second session avatar…, Cheers.

Ha, one more thing, please spare some times in filling this Survey form and let me know your feedback.

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