Internship Program: When a Digital Marketing Master become your Mentor

Internship Program: When a Digital Marketing Master become your Mentor

Still I remember, during 2012 when I was studying in class 12 the concept of Digital was totally unknown and I believed Marketing means just buying and selling of Goods and Services.

Since then, I started to learn the concept of Marketing in a broader way, Marketing is not just about bringing a product into the market and selling, there are thousands of steps behind the scene.

Including market research, targeting and segmentation, determining the distribution, deciding the price, promotion and communication strategies and ultimately visioning long term market development goals, which adds to your organization growth. As we know every business unit needs marketing.

My passion is to became Marketing Profession, but I never thought it’ll get a technology touch and will turn into Digital Marketing so soon, everyone have their own future plan but it’s not that easy to reach that plan. Same thing in my case also, I find it difficult to go ahead without perfect mentor who can guide me in this DM journey.

I’m following Deepak sir for the last 3.5 years, his thoughts always inspires me and happiest thing is when Digital Marketing master becomes your mentor with this internship program. So, learning from Deepak sir is always motivational. Today’s session gives one more strong basement for my dream construction. I could make out some points with today’s session.

#1. Finding the Market Opportunities:

As we know life is a race and everyone running towards their destination, I feel in recent times Jio is the perfect example about how to grab the market opportunities. They entered the telecom industry and make some noise with unbelievable data package. Finding the market opportunities and reaching those opportunities on time is also essential.

Deciding where to compete is half your success, you need to create products and services that fits so well for the customer, that you don’t need marketing at all. It’s like giving customer what they need, it has to be a new and should have some value addition, then there will be a no question of rejection.

Even we can give an example of present government policy on Zero emission transport system, and it gives an opportunity for all automobile giants to focus and promote on Electric Vehicles.

To finding the market opportunities we also need to research on consumer characters, competition, business environment factors and more. Finding the Gold starts from here.

#2. Be a Global Economists:

As a Digital Marketer it’s must for us to know about Global Economics, its not about being an Economic expert, but getting an idea about how the things are going in the global level. It’s the study of how individual, government and businesses make choices on allocating resources to satisfy their wants and needs.

In this section, what I understand about the Global economic is, the economy of a country goes up when the average age of the country goes up, people will started to spend more as their age is going up. And Economy goes down when average age goes up above 50, and household spending goes down.

While growing stage of your organization the external factors like economy of the country will have serious impact, even if your organization is working smoothly and everything is fine within you but some negative economic policy of the country will make you suffer.

But even in recession time, your preparations to face those problems and your value delivery always helps you to stay tall in the market and that’s the reason strong companies always survive during recession. So, it is very important for us to understand the global economic concept and how it indirectly connected with our business.

#3. Effective Communication:

This is one of the basic skill which required in all the profession. Communication is not just about communicating what you have in your mind to others, but it also involves listening and understanding what people or other person needs.

As I’m working in an Advertising agency and I can understand how important the communication is, understanding your client ‘requirements’ and communicating that ‘requirements’ to the target audience. If it is effective you will win and earn wealth, if it is poor you may lose.

That’s why person who earns more money have the ability to solve more problems and understand the customer, and to be a better marketer you need to be a better communicator.

We can improve our communication skills by Reading books, newspapers, listening to podcasts, writing something about we love, watching English sitcoms etc.

#4. Selecting a Niche:

Everyone have their own passion in life, Niche means combination of Talent, Passion and Market Opportunity. In simple words, becoming the owner of our passion.

We should work on that one specialized or particular passion, and become expert in that. Because going narrow or micro is not losing out, it actually gaining more,  and if we are enjoying in it then we will get a better result.

While selecting your niche, it also important that, it should be a unique one and something out of the box thinking is needed, because if it is a common or you are doing the same thing what others are doing then there will be no use, it’s like you are everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no one. That’s the reason Riches are in the Niches.

Once we are ready with above 4 process, then we should go for Execution part, we need a mindset of converting problems into opportunities. Writing something that is valuable for your audience by using various keywords research tools, doing competition research, google trends etc.

Like others I was also bit confused about the future of DM, as AI will take over all the market of Digital Marketers, but the fact is human to human communication can’t be replaced.

In the end, this internship is a good opportunity for all Digital Marketing enthusiastic, I’m eagerly waiting for upcoming sessions!!

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