Positive thinking is what makes you move forward

Positive thinking is what makes you move forward

All too often we let old rejections and failures dictate every present move we make. This is one of the most common and damaging habits we as human beings succumb to.

Realize this!

Practice noticing your negative attachments to past experiences, so you can learn from these experiences and then update your belief system based on how your circumstances have changed. Always your positive thinking is what makes you move forward.

In other words, you need to practice thinking better about the past and present, so you can ultimately live better from here on out.

One of the most effective ways of doing this involves catching and correcting your negative (false) pattern-matching tendencies.

Every day, all day, you are subconsciously matching patterns from the past with the present. When an experience in your life has emotional significance, it gets tagged in your brain as being important.

And when the emotional experience is upsetting, it triggers your brain’s fear mechanism, which tells your brain to remain on the lookout for any future conditions that vaguely remind you of this upsetting experience.

Your brain then tries to match new experiences with the original one. But depending on how emotionally attached you are to the original experience, it can lead to false pattern matches which inevitably lead you astray. This is especially true when it comes to personal failures and rejections.

For example:

1. Your relationship fell apart, so now you believe that all your future relationships will too.

2. You didn’t get along with an old boss, so now you have trouble respecting a totally new boss or different authoritative figure.

Again, these false pattern matches occur whenever you respond negatively and over-emotionally to a particular past experience. And it all happens subconsciously too.

Logically, you know that all relationships are completely different, but emotionally you are inclined to respond as if they are all alike.

If you feel stuck because you can’t move beyond a negative experience from the past, then your brain is subconsciously relating to it as if it’s still happening right now, which means it’s matching patterns improperly in the present.

Just bringing awareness to this phenomenon is the first step forward. Remember, knowledge is power! Just keep on yourself developing some good habits, which slowly improve your positive thinking and in turn helps in your growth.

It’s not just about personal development, but also you can experience positive impact on your professional life also.

Always keep track on what hits you back, work on that, work until you converts it into your strengths, we should always keep busy with productive works by learning at least one skills daily. And you see the difference yourself.

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