Great Stories always wins

Customers make buying decisions not based on what we say but on what they hear. Here great stories always wins because we are able to capture the imagination of large or important audiences. People only notice stuff that’s new and different. And the moment they notice something new, they start making guesses about what to … Read more Great Stories always wins

Use social media for building more leads

Today your company needs to connect with your online community and build relationships in a meaningful way. Simply posting images and information that just “sells” to them no longer generates a response. Let’s find out how to use social media for building more leads. The one direction marketing of yesterday is no longer relevant for … Read more Use social media for building more leads

Digital Marketing Implementation Strategy

Once a firm has developed for Digital Marketing strategy, next it should implement strategy for chosen customer segments and marketing mix to chart the strategy for firm’s digital growth. The detailed stages are as follows: Digital Scoping: This stage includes firms which are purely traditional and have no presence at all on any digital channels. … Read more Digital Marketing Implementation Strategy