Brand awareness in Digital Marketing

Creating a brand is an easy job, but making it popular is a tough one. Brand awareness is about increasing exposure, So that more and more people know your brand, are familiar with what it does and can recall it, recommend it or think about it later on in their time of need. Anyway it … Read more Brand awareness in Digital Marketing

Use social media for building more leads

Today your company needs to connect with your online community and build relationships in a meaningful way. Simply posting images and information that just “sells” to them no longer generates a response. Let’s find out how to use social media for building more leads. The one direction marketing of yesterday is no longer relevant for … Read more Use social media for building more leads

Developing the Extended Ps

With the growing proliferation of marketing channels, techniques and technologies being deployed, the 4P’s suggested by Jerome McCarthy have been added with four more P’s which should be considered by marketers while creating their mix plans and strategies. Below, we would go through them in detail: 1. People: Involves developing online teams with a mix … Read more Developing the Extended Ps

Offering Mix for Digital

An offering mix on the digital platform differs from its traditional form primarily in the way it develops and integrates the tangible or services aspects to it. The five states of an offering mix, which starts with a pure tangible product with no service elements and ends as being a pure service with no product … Read more Offering Mix for Digital

Digital Marketing Implementation Strategy

Once a firm has developed for Digital Marketing strategy, next it should implement strategy for chosen customer segments and marketing mix to chart the strategy for firm’s digital growth. The detailed stages are as follows: Digital Scoping: This stage includes firms which are purely traditional and have no presence at all on any digital channels. … Read more Digital Marketing Implementation Strategy